"Deathblast" E​.​P.

by Söft Dov

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"Barren Wasteland"

deserted wasteland

deserted dream

home to the parasites

salvation for fiends

numb and barren

ready to process

mechanical human animal

made in god's image

dependent drone

the willing analyzed

access denied

eternal enslavement

"Insects Collecting Pieces"

living like animals buried in holes

in select pieces under queen control

digging the tunnels

building the roads

the excess dirt piles up in loads

"White Christ"

consumed with deceit

possessed by christ

howling insanity

distant death dreams

a life dictated by burning fear

your faith will destroy you

corrosive death distorts your mind

"In Praise"

Body Devoted - Consumed

Consuming your free will - repressive (accepted)

law: the safety of cowards

safe and so afraid

walking comfortable sleeper

napping day by day

numb and feeling fine

on your knees in praise

putting the pressure on us

trying to waste our days

law: the safety of cowards

on your knees in praise

"Drifting Thought Of An Absurd Dream?"

Assume to be astonished

laughing so absurd

consumed on erotics

ejaculate concurred

is this a drifting thought...

of an absurd dream?

persistance and stimulation

laughing so absurd

amusement and masturbation

pushing seed forward

is this a drifting thought...

of an absurd dreeam?

the absurd dream

the surreal dream

"Sensual Nightmare"

misdirected like cataract cloak

glaring eyes see though endless smoke

restricting airflow, begin to choke

sensual nightmare, a rabid grope

rabid lust, rabid lust

sensual nightmare, rabid lust

"Rotating Deranged"

pulsating hot fire

peel skin away

the world is melting

rotating deranged

memory, lost memory

blisters burn callus

nerves separate

hot vapour spits ash

land desperate

"Burning Death"

hallowed out tombs

wretched preserved flesh

war mongers get off

in a maze, get lost

the difference the fucking same

burning humans everywhere

burning human meat

we never existed, burning death

"Shit and Purpose"

pale light burns hole through radiant sky

pale light burns through deception and lies

all shit all of the purpose

all shit all of the greed


released December 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Söft Dov New Brunswick, New Jersey

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